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Genius Speakers Masterclass
Introduction Video
Meet Your Trainer

Genius Spoken English - 12 Modules
Bonus - Meditation & Motivation
How to Start Speaking From Level Zero?
Why Is Translating The Wrong Approach?
The Real Solution
Start With Speaking Broken English
How to Form Sentences In Your Mind
How To Train Your Brain & Tongue To Speak In English & Visualization Technique
Explain Your Daily Routine (EYDR Explained)
Commentary Method Explained
What Do We Usually Think ?
Learn the LPP Formula of Excellence And What Do Next

Bonus - Productivity Masterclass
The Ultimate Breakthrough

Bonus - 5 Useful Ebooks
List of eBooks

Huge Bonuses - Live Trainings by Abhishek Gupta
Live Session 1
Live Session 2
L S 3

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