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60 Days Genius Speakers Online Program
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60 Days Communication Challenge
Day 1 - How to start speaking in English from Level Zero?
Day 2 - Complete framework of an effective speech
Day 3 - How to instantly think about any topic and bring content in an effective way
Day 4 - Stylish way to seek help and answer it.

Amazing Presentation Skills
Day 5 - Amazing Presentation Skills Session-1
Day 6 - Amazing Presentation Skills : Session-2
Day 7 - Replace the most commonly used monotonous expression. & Review of The Amazing Presentation Skills.
Day 8 - Replace the most commonly used monotonous expression Continued from Day -7 The various scenarios to use them

Day 9
It will be updated soon
Day 10 - Modern Telephonic Conversation in 8 different scenarios.
Day 11 - Learn confusing Prepositions and Daily use conversational sentences.
Day 12 - Very useful Tip to become Fluent in English.And Learn stylish ways to connect two or more sentences.

New Way to Learn Sentences
Day 13 - Tenses Part-1
Day 14 - Tenses. Part-2
Day 15 - Tenses. Part-3
Day 16 - Tenses. Part-4
Day 17 - Tenses. Part-5
Day 18 -Tenses. Part-6

Express Your Opinions in English
Day - 19 How to share a bad news. & Express your opinions in English. (Two topics in one session)
Day 20 - Stylish ways to give your opinions
Day 21 - A very useful technique to speak on any topic.
Day 22 - Will be updated soon
Day 23 - Will be updated soon
Day 24 - Most useful sentence formats to express cause and effect.
Day 25 - Most useful sentence formats to express cause and effect. Part-2

English Speaking Tips
Day 26 - How to Start Speaking in English Fast & Daily conversation tips and mistakes.
Day 27 - How to Start Speaking in English Fast Part-2 & Stylish ways of telling Time in English.

Learn Articles
Day 28 - World's best method to understand the use of Articles. (a or an).

When You Meet With New People
Day 29 - What do you say when you meet people?
Day 30 - Correct common mistakes that are made in usual conversation.

Presentation Module
Day 31 - Fail-proof methods of starting any presentation. Very important session.

Communicate Politely
Day 32 - Beautiful ways to become significantly Polite while communicating.

Ways to Wish On Special Occasions
Day 33 - Learn how to wish others on various occasions & how to accept wishes in style.

Business English
Day 34 - Upgrade you Spoken Skills through Business English. Part-1
Day 35 - Useful tips to speak fluently & Business English. Part-2
Day 36 - Upgrade you Spoken Skills through Business English. Part-3

When someone apologizes to you
Day 37 - Stylish ways of replying when someone apologizes to you.
Day 38 - Modern ways to Apologize and its scenarios.
Day 39 - Apologising in various situation extended. Part-2

Email Writing Skills
Day 40 - Apologies continued & Professional Email writing Skills. Part-1

Action Steps - Day 41 & 42
Description For This Lesson

Email Writing Skills Continued
Day 43 - Professional Email writing Skills. Part-2
Day 44 - Professional Email writing Skills Part-3

Conversation Tips
Day 45 - How to start conversation with anyone.

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